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Welcome to the Candy Corner Bushcraft website! Here you can find out more about how you can get involved with Bushcrafting at Candy Corner. We offer the chance to experience nature and the outdoors as well as escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get back to basics.

Our base camp is set in several acres of woodland with some open grassland, totally undeveloped and wild for that unique bushcraft experience. And please note this is a place for people to come and practice their bushcraft skills for themselves, therefore its not suited to groups or holiday makers wanting to just come and get drunk and make a mess and go home.

So if you do consider yourself as a bush crafter you are more than welcome to come along and brush up on your bushcraft skills.

please join my group page on facebook for more info and booking


How to find us

Candy Corner Bushcraft

Wroot road





£10 per night per person

(2 children per adult max)

Site Rules

  1. We’re all here to camp/bushcraft and have fun.

  2. Don’t do anything that could stop the fun for everyone else!

  3. Wood can be bought on-site or bring your own for a cooking fire.

  4. Small fire allowed for cooking.

  5. All litter must be taken home.

  6. A first aid kit must be carried per group.

  7. Hot tent camper must have a carbon monoxide detector.

  8. Do not feed the animals.

  9. Have a great time!

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