• You must be in possession of a valid E.A. rod license before fishing.

  • All nets and unhooking mats must be dipped and laid out to dry for 30 minutes to help prevent the spread of KHV.

  • No dogs or pets allowed on site.

  • All anglers/guests should have an appropriate seat and landing net.

  • All anglers must fish from the platforms and not the bankside edges.

  • No keepnets for day ticket anglers.

  • Under 16's have to be supervised at all times.

  • Please handle fish with care and return them to the same water immediately.

  • Only 1 non-fishing guest per angler/group.

Do Not

  • Move pegs, for bio-security moving ponds, is forbidden once you have started fishing.

  • Stand whilst fishing.

  • Gardening without consent.

  • Walk around carrying fish, or use cloths, etc to handle fish.

  • Leave litter or tab ends, litter must be taken home.



  • Banned - Floating bait, boilies, fake baits, no super glue or varnishes, etc, nuts and seeds, bloodworm or jokers.

  • Candy Corner feed pellets only and must be purchased onsite.

  • Legal baits - pellet, luncheon meat, sweetcorn, maggot, caster, bread punch, worm, prawn, cockle, mussel, and cheese.

  • Groundbait:- must be cupped in or in feeders. (no groundbait on Hoskers)

  • Leftover baits should not be thrown in the lakes, a bait bin is provided.


Tackle & Equipment Requirements

  • Barbless hooks only. Max hook size is 12.

  • No braid.

  • 1 rod or pole only at a time.

  • No fixed or elasticated feeders, use beads and ensure they are free running.

  • Max pole length is 14.5 meters. No floating poles.

  • A float must be present on all fishing lines excluding bomb and feeder type methods.

  • Floats must not be lifted out the water in order to mug fish.

  • 2 keepnets required as a minimum for matches, 60lb per keepnet. Weights over 120lb will require a third net and weights over 180lb can be spread evenly over 3 nets. Nets are available to rent from the bailiff.


Offenders of these rules will be barred from the fishery. If you are unsure about of any of these rules then please ask.