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Covid-19 and Open Matches

Open Matches will resume on Tuesday 2nd June 2020 and will be held every Tuesday & Thursday thereon in.

It will be a maximum of 28 anglers per match. Simply turn up 8:55 am draw. Fish 10-4 pm.

Entry Fee will be £20 and includes your match a golden peg and 1 tub of pellets. (please enquire about pellet stock as micro aren't getting shared out by the suppliers once again)

I will be accepting cash and paying out in cash so please bear that in mind before booking on. Additional bait can be purchased from the shop either by cash or card.

Food orders can be delivered to your peg after the draw.

The draw will be done with everyone by their cars. Names will be drawn from the bag by the bailiff in peg order. As anglers will be alone in their vehicles they can drive directly to their peg in order one at a time as their names are drawn. If household members travel together the second angler has the option to walk from the car park with their tackle or from the driver's peg. No dropping off or driving around will be allowed. Anglers who know they may not stop for the full match should not drive to their peg instead they should walk from the car park.

Everyone should stay on their pegs, no walking around this includes the weigh-in. Toilets are available please use them.

Each angler is expected to be able to tip their own keepnets in the weigh trolley by themselves. At which point they can step back whilst the bailiff weighs and records your catch.

After the weigh-in anglers should remain in their cars, those with winnings to collect will be told and payout made safely available.

There are always those that think their way is best and do it their own way regardless. These people will not be allowed to book on in the future if these rules are not followed.

All Fishery, Government, and Angling Trust Guidance should be followed at all times.

I hope by following these simple steps we can all keep safe. If you have any suggestions on how to make it easier and safer please let me know

Example Payout based on 10 fishing

1st £50, 2 sections of £30, plus the chance of golden peg

Example Payout based on 15 fishing

1st £60, 2nd £45, 2 sections of £30, plus the chance of golden peg

Example Payout based on 20 fishing

1st £60, 2nd £40, 4 sections of £30, plus the chance of golden peg

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