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Opening Times 

Monday - Closed

Tuesday to Friday - 7:30am - 7:30pm

Weekend - 7:30am - 5:30pm

Days where booking might be unavailable

Tuesday's - Open Match on AJ's all pegs

Thursday's - Open Match on AJ's pegs 1-37

Weekends - Club Matches on AJ's & Hoskers


Day Ticket Availability Checker


Day Tickets

Click the Book Now button below to purchase Day Tickets at Candy Corner Fisheries

Lakes available for booking: AJ's, Hoskers & Jakes


Save £1 on your Day Tickets by purchasing 6 at a time.

Only one payment is necessary for all 6 visits.

All tickets are usable on the current available lakes only.

Tickets have no expiry date.

Please make sure you have read the rules here before booking

It is not a requirement to book online but it's the best way to ensure you get the best pegs on the right days.

When you arrive onsite give your name at the window and collect any pre-paid bait, dip your net and travel directly to your peg.

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