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Night Fishing Events

Although we do hold the occasional night fishing here at Candy Corner we are first and foremost a match and day ticket venue so please don't expect to be able to night fish here. Night fishing is primarily (but not exclusively) an event we hold on Bank Holiday Sunday's for our regulars as a treat/reward for being loyal and respectful of our fishery over the years and we thank you for it.


Next Night Fishing


25th August 2019 Sunday/Monday


I am now taking bookings for the night fishing event on the above dates. It will start not before 5.30pm on Sunday and will run until 5.30pm Monday (24 hours). 5.30pm means 5.30pm not before, upsetting my match anglers upsets me!


  • Price is £20 each pegging fee.

  • None fishing guests are £5 each.

  • Food Sunday night is available but is an additional cost.

  • Breakfast sandwiches Monday morning are available at an additional cost.



As always spaces are limited to 20 so it will be first come first served. A 50% deposit must be paid to secure a peg, no deposit mean pegs will be allocated upon arrival.


Please also be aware that bivvies cannot be set up on all pegs so please choose your pegs accordingly. Good bivvy pegs would be 20-34.



text 07769902731, Facebook message.


Night Fishing Rules


  • ALL Fishery Rules still apply at all times.

  • Night fishing is by prior arrangement with the owner only.

  • Anglers must be aged 18 or over.

  • There must be at least two anglers fishing together at all times.

  • A maximum of 2 rods per person. E.A. Licence must be in your possession

  • No petrol or similar combustibles, small gas stoves only (must be kept on the gravel road).

  • No BBQ’s

  • Bivvies or similar only.

  • Unhooking mats must be brought and used on all fish without exception.

  • Landing nets and unhooking mats to be dipped before fishing.

  • A proper night lantern and headlights are required.

  • Waterproof clothing and spare clothing is required even if not worn.

  • No Keep nets.


Pegs and areas you wish to use must be checked before fishing to ensure you are happy and will remain safe throughout the 24 hours. All night fishing anglers are responsible for themselves and their own property and should have their own insurance in place. The owner's and management accept no liability for loss or injury to anglers during the night fishing session. All anglers should remain respectful of each other and keep noise to a minimum. Verbal or physical aggression towards others will not be tolerated, you will be removed and banned from the site.

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